Belgian Agency for Cooperation and Development
[Belgisches Amt fuer Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung]
The Belgian government has reorganized the Administration for Development Cooperation (AGCD), the main agency in charge of administering development assistance in response to corruption-related problems in the foreign aid systems. It has also proposed the establishment of an independent agency to implement technical cooperation activities under the oversight of the AGCD. To coordinate Belgian aid efforts in developing countries, the State Secretary for Development Cooperation within AGCD chairs an interministerial working group including the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, Agriculture, Economic Affairs, Science Policy and Defense. The AGCD continues to grapple with obstacles to its effectiveness, in particular, constraints to the disbursement of foreign aid funds. Only 78 percent of funds committed in 1996 were disbursed in that year, owing to a lack of adequate staff to develop new programs. The recent reorganization plans to address this problem by delegating more authority to directors and unit heads within AGCD to accelerate the pace of decision making and disbursements.
19. Okt 2003
10. Nov 2011