American Crop Protection Association
[Amerikanische Gesellschaft zum Schutz des Ernteertrags]
Established in 1933, the association has been known by several names, most recently as the American Crop Protection Association. The organization adopted the name CropLife America in 2002 to reflect the changing nature of the crop protection industry to include not just chemical pesticides, but plant science technology as well. The nation’s largest trade organization for agriculture and pest management, CropLife America is still headquartered in Washington, D.C. We currently represent more than 60 developers, manufacturers, formulators and distributors of the crop protection products on which American farmers and growers depend. CropLife America supports safe and affordable food and fiber production through innovative, safe and environmentally sound crop protection technologies. The association realizes this vision by providing effective and efficient technical expertise, advocacy and issue management to advance the ability of crop protection companies to develop, produce and supply the products and technologies that are essential to safeguarding our food supplies.
Agriculture, Industry, Management, Research
18. Dez 2003
10. Nov 2011