Antarctic Benthic Deep-Sea Biodiversity
[Biodiversitaet der antarktischen bethischen Tiefsee]
The ANDEEP project will: * conduct the first base-line survey of the deep-water benthic faunas of the Scotia and Weddell seas, and * document the variety of sea-floor habitats present within their submarine geographical settings. The scientific objectives of ANDEEP are: * to investigate the evolutionary processes and oceanographic changes which have resulted in the present biodiversity and distributional patterns in the Antarctic deep seas * to investigate the influence of sea-floor habitat diversity on species and genetic diversity in the Antarctic deep sea * to investigate the colonisation and exchange processes of the deep sea fauna in relation to changes in sea-bed geography over geological time * to assess the importance of the Antarctic region as a possible source for many of the deep sea benthic taxa in other oceans.
1. Jun 2004
10. Nov 2011