Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Waldbesitzerverbände e.V.
[Consortium of the german forrest owner]
The Consortium of the German Forest Owner (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Waldbesitzerverbände e.V. (AGDW) represent the interests of the private and corporated forest owners in Germany. The AGDW aims to obtain broad-based ownership structure in the forests of Germany. Knowing the importance of ownership in our society, it is committed to its protection. The views of her private and municipal forest owners are aware of their social role in terms of management and care of forests and perceive it responsibly. The most important prerequisite for this are not economically healthy forest enterprises, where the requisite conditions to be created. Task of the working group is therefore to carry out advocacy towards the German Bundestag, the Bundesrat, the ministries and the economy. She takes issues of forestry, such as tax and environmental law, and thus supports their national associations.
14. Dez 2005
10. Nov 2011