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Why does the world need taxonomy?
Taxonomy is the area of biological research that deals with the naming (nomenclature), identification and classification of organisms. For the task of systematically organizing nature taxonomists use morphological traits (e.g. anatomy, flower composition). They also employ methods of chemistry, biochemistry and genetics in order to clarify relations between different organisms. Depending on area of expertise taxonomists conduct their work in various institutions. ... Read more

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The activities of the National Focal Point of GTI are supported by Network-Forum for Biodiversity Research Germany.

Case studies

Microbes: Underground agents

One gram of soil harbours up to 100.000 different species of microorganisms - most of them barely known to science. A better knowledge of microbial communities, their interactions and characteristics could reduce pesticide use and enhance plant growth.

How amateurs discovered Namadgi's tiny dancer

Amateur photographer Stuart Harris has a new species of peacock spider Maratus harrisi named after him after discovering the fleck-sized spider resting on a leaf in Namadgi National Park, Australia. Uploading his photograph to Flickr, Mr.

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GTI stands for Global Taxonomy Initiative, which was established in 1998 as part of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in order to strengthen taxonomic knowldege and resources. The GTI is a cross-cutting issue of the CBD. This indicates the relevance of GTI for other thematic programme contents and is also conveyed by the content of its work programme. The GTI generally consists of National Focal Points (NFP), which either already exist or still needs to be nominated. In terms of contents the GTI consits of a set of activities and objectives agreed on by the CBD member states. Further information can be obtained from the GTI-factsheet.


Applications for the 2013/14 Systematics Research Fund are now open!

11. November 2013

The Systematics Association administers one major fund for the benefit of systematics research. Details of the SRF can be found on the homepage. The Fund has an annual funding round with...


Modern Taxonomy course programme 2013-2014 (Distributed European School of Taxonomy) is now online!

25. September 2013

DEST announces the following theoretical courses for students, technicians and early career researchers involved in the field of taxonomy. Primary objective of the programme is to provide future...

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8. June 2014 - 12. June 2014
in San Juan, Puerto Rico
28. July 2014 - 1. August 2014
in New Orleans, USA
14. August 2014 - 19. August 2014
in Glasgow, Scotland
14. August 2014 - 19. August 2014
in Glasgow, Scotland
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